various genres & a raw, “right in the room” production

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Katie Hester is a visionary sound receiver and creative inspiration regarding music.  Her musical passion and skills are multifaceted.  She equips others to create and display the sounds they were born to make.  Being a veteran music teacher motivates her to work with others, and not just students, to empower them.  Katie's compositions have largely been the walk of her God-given faith in a Creator that pursued her, called her, gave her a gift, and even showed her how to share it.  She started out as a classical flautist and music teacher who didn’t compose outside of academics, but God had a different plan for sharing her skills.  Katie started hearing songs and gradually learned the process of receiving a melody and connecting it with the proper spiritual elements.  If you were to ask Katie, she would tell you that she simply used her training to "put the songs she was hearing into action."  Her real journey was one of learning to receive the songs (and the messages in them) while valuing the relational aspect that allows it to be “Katie flavored” music….and most importantly to receive God's love for her.  She has composed, co-authored, produced, and released much music on flute, piano, violin, guitar, and other intruments.  Her music is relaxing, but engages listeners.  Katie has a huge passion for helping individuals to release the beautiful sounds and images God instilled in them.  To streamline this process,  she focuses on releasing sounds of LOVE, PEACE, and JOY while in a raw "in the room" type of production.  Katie believes many listeners desire a place in the digital world for real interaction.  Thus, she makes efforts to produce with minimal editing.  Katie Hester does whatever she can to make the pieces she records feel like sweet tickles in the ears of listeners. 

Most of the music Katie has worked with was recorded in healing frequencies.  In fact, the only pieces that were not are older recordings made before she had the knowledge of these amazing sound waves.  Mrs. Hester almost always has her instruments tuned to 444 Hz, whether or not that direct frequency is playing in the music.  There is much to say here, but let’s sum it up by stating that all matter and sound holds frequencies.  Having the right frequencies around you aids your body, and soul, to be in alignment with the best version of you.  It is safe to say that Katie has been on, and is still on, the journey learning about such healing.  Katie had a revelation that the book of Genesis in the Bible mentioned that God created everything with a word.  It is possible that many of God's words have contained a variety of vibrations.  Katie believes that sound is one of God’s favorite things.  In the very least, it is incredibly powerful and able to shift atmospheres.  It can even aid in healing the body and soul while aligning persons with the One who loves them most!

Finally, Katie enjoys the rest of life with her amazing husband James and their son Joseph.  They love the outdoors, sports, food, nature, playing music, laughter, and getting to know people.  It is hard to find them out together without them speaking to someone.  They are usually just trying to give a little life and encouragement to people - and often with a laugh.  Katie, James, and Joseph believe life is too short not to laugh.  Their giggles and smiles point to the beauty and love of our Creator.